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Individual Work Based Project


Individual Work Based Project



Credit Value


Module Aims

The aim of project work is to deepen comprehension of principles by applying them to a problem in the work place. Projects will be appropriate to the individual degree disciplines. Project proposals will be generated by participants through discussion with workplace managers and colleagues. Proposals will be approved by academic staff (to ensure suitability for the degree stream and the appropriate academic level). Projects will be jointly supervised by academic and workplace managers. Projects will typically focus on an a potential improvement in the work place and may involve the design and manufacture of a device or program, a research investigation, a computer or management project which could address aspects such as operational, financial, human resource, technical or strategic management issues in an engineering context.
Principal Learning Outcomes Participants will develop enhanced knowledge and understanding of the engineering or engineering-related topic of his/her project. Typically participants will develop skills in qualitative and quantitative analysis, risk assessment, problem solving using appropriate methodologies, research and information-gathering and planning and designing an experiment. Generic skills developed during projects will include using appropriate engineering analysis software and IT tools, oral/written communication, project and time management, computing and IT, self-discipline and self-motivation.

Principal Learning Outcomes

By the end of the project participants will be able to:
• Generate a robust project proposal that clearly defines a research question and seeks to solve an existing problem or make some kind of improvement for the company, that clearly identifies the research question and is appropriate in both scope and depth.
• Critically analyse existing literature that relates to the project.
• Select and execute an appropriate methodology to answer the research question.
• Consider and communicate the impact that the work has on both the company and the individual.
• Critically communicate the work effectively using a range of media (for example, report or e-portfolio and presentation).