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Smart Solutions Development – I (Programming)


Smart Solutions Development – I (Programming)



Credit Value


Module Aims

The Industry 4.0 revolution is taking place which is also driving automotive industry to become more smart, autonomous and adaptable. Smart automobiles are integrated with more portable devices and sensors than ever before and can display important engine information on touchscreens using software programs embodied on engine hardware. For smart cars, programming skills are needed to create reconfigurable, customized and dependable programs which would not be only useful to improve customer experience but will also help the Automaker to differentiate itself from the other competitors.

This module aims to cover programming constructs, algorithm design and problem-solving techniques. The main concepts related to procedural programming and language constructs present in all high-level languages will be covered. Also, the fundamental concepts about the role of algorithms, concept and properties of algorithms and debugging strategies will be taught. The main objective is to let students design, test, code and debug the programs. An overview of data structures will also be taught.

Principal Learning Outcomes

By the end of module students will be able to:

• Know the concept of variables, numerical operators and the basic methods of formatting and displaying data using a programming language.
• Know the differences between logical, bitwise and relational operators.
• Use loops for coding the repetitive tasks used in software development of automobiles.
• Use decision structures to select the right function to be enabled for a specific set of input given by customer.
• Use in-built and user-defined functions for coding programs according to customer requirements.
• Implement the concept of exception handling in programs.
• Comprehend the fundamental data structure types.