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User experience & Applications Development


User Experience and Applications Development



Credit Value


Module Aims

User experience is a crucial aspect when developing any application programmable interface (API). Whilst attractive and visually stunning applications are quick to create, applications need to fulfil user requirements to be successful. For providing good user experience, the specific needs of the customers need to be identified to develop an application that is accessible, usable, credible, useful and desirable.

This module aims to cover the fundamentals principles for designing usable, useful and desirable digital interface (that could be mobile or tablet application) considering user perspective. An introduction to human computer interaction will be covered to understand the user experience design (UXD) methods. This module also will discuss the importance that how UXD fits within the overall business operations of company. Students will develop prototype incorporating user experience (UX) design process. The prototype will be further tested for accessibility and usability.

Principal Learning Outcomes

By the end of module, students will be able to:
• Describe what is meant by accessibility and usability in user-experience design process.
• Describe how user experience design fits within a company’s business operations.
• Design a usable, useful and desirable interface considering customer requirements.
• Develop a prototype based on the UXD incorporating user preferences.
• Test the prototype for usability and accessibility.