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Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

Module Aims

  • An introduction to design rules, and communications.
  • Focusing on design drawing, dimensioning, and tolerancing standards, Datum systems, Geometrical Dimensioning and Tolerancing including: background, standards, feature control frames, geometric characteristics, symbols for boundaries and material conditions, GD&T concepts in details, review of GD&T on sample drawings, Measurement requirement understanding for parts with GD&T information, Tolerancing of flexible parts, Tolerance chain, Practical measurement of parts with GD&T information.

By engaging successfully with this module a student will:

  • Understand relevant dimensioning and tolerancing standards with focus on ISO SPG standards.
  • Understand the main and critical GD&T controls, rules, and modifying symbols.
  • Understand datum reference frames.
  • Be familiar with the impact of dimensional variation and tolerance stack-up.
  • Interpret, and base engineering decisions on, part and assembly specifications.
  • Conduct tolerance stack-up analysis on simple models.