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High Performance Electric Drives

Module Aims

  • The module builds on several previous modules, notably power electronics.
  • It aims to show how power electronics, modern electric motors and control theory underpin electric drives. Characteristics of standard and bespoke AC motors will be analysed in context of different control approaches, focusing on vector control and direct-torque control.
  • Applications will include appliances, robotics and electric vehicles.

By engaging successfully with this module a student will be able to:

  • Understand the key operational features of electrical machines under controlled supply.

  • Show an advanced understanding on how power electronics is used to control the operation of electrical machines.

  • Critically analyse Pulsed Width Modulation techniques for electric drives.

  • Understand the operational and control aspects of other electric machine concepts e.g. switched reluctance, brushless and stepper motors.

  • Calculate the power requirements of all drive components to meet a specification.

  • Critically examine mechanical and thermal aspects of high-performance electric drives.

  • Perform simulation analyses of electric drives.