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Module Aims

  • The module provides a further understanding of the principles of operation of mobile robots and future robotic applications outside the factory.
  • It focuses on the knowledge needed to integrate robots with sensors particularly machine vision systems and interpret the information so that they can move, interact and adapt to an unstructured environment and behave "intelligently".

By the end of this module students will be able to:

  • Appreciate safety issues for a given robot application and in particular the issues which will present themselves in laboratory work.
  • Appreciate the different locomotion methods for mobile robots and what environments each is most suited to.
  • Select appropriate sensors for a given mobile robot application particularly for robot perception of its environment using sensor fusion.
  • Appreciate the wide range of applications of robots outside factories and their limitations.
  • Appreciate the techniques used for Localisation, Motion Planning & Navigation particularly SLAM (Sequential Localisation And Mapping).
  • Understand the principles of application of machine vision and set up a machine vision system for a robot guidance application.
  • Mathematically model simple serial robot arm kinematics and dynamics.