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Requirements Management and High-Level Design

Requirements Management and High-Level Design


The module aims to present both theoretical and practical best practice in Requirements Management for programmes and projects, plus the linkages of Requirements to programme planning, and their use in conception of product ‘architecture’. This module is designed to appeal to experienced System Designers who wish to step up to lead System Engineering teams. Many of the skills and subjects taught will be generic however some will be organisation specific and delivered by organisation tutors.


By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • Understand and be able to apply best practice approaches for Requirements Elicitation, Development and Management processes which are contextually pertinent.
  • Prepare Statements and Models of needs and requirements (functional and non-functional), and appreciate the need to communicate and liaise with Stakeholders in the development of Requirement Statements
  • Test, prioritise and discuss Requirements Statements in terms of accuracy, consistency, clarity, coherence, correlation to all sources of information, user’s needs and expectations. Recognise clashes of Requirements and take appropriate actions to resolve the resulting paradoxes.
  • Apply techniques which utilise Requirements Statements and Models to formulate concepts and developmental strategies for products, exercising change control techniques and recognising evolution of the Requirements.
  • Use Requirements Statements and Models to compare and evaluate system concepts and programme outcomes and undertake lessons-learned exercises.


Elicitation, Capture, Statementing, and Utilisation of Requirements for the products that will be the outputs of systems development programmes within the avionics industry.

  • Requirements Dev. & Management in Systems Lifecycle
  • Engaging stakeholders & effective elicitation approaches
  • Development strategies and managing requirements
  • Just enough requirements
  • Developing concept of operations
  • Structuring Requirements
  • Requirements Prioritisation
  • Authoring the requirements statement
  • Establishing Acceptability
  • Managing Evolving Requirements
  • Modelling requirements using SysMl and UML
  • Developing Architecture and Concept Designs
  • Integrating requirements and design
  • Evaluating concept designs


Post Module Assignment (worth 80%) and in-module assessment (worth 20%).


1 week.