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Priors Court

Priors Court

Who are Priors Court and what do we do?

Founded in 1999 by Dame Stephanie Shirley, Priors Court is a specialist residential school designed to support and enrich the lives of individuals with autism and their families. We provide a home from home, and specialist services for 5-25-year olds with autism and associated challenge behaviour.

Set on 52 acres of beautiful countryside in Berkshire we are made up of 16 residential homes (12 children’s homes and 4 for young adults)

We offer a personalised curriculum that promotes learning, growth and development 24 hours a day. To do this we apply a multi-disciplinary approach, utilising the expertise of a variety of professionals, all of whom we have based onsite; teachers and education teams, medical department, therapies including psychology, speech and language, occupational therapy, music therapy etc. Our around the clock support and joined up working is cemented by the work our incredible autism practitioners do to ensure our young peoples needs are recognised and met and supported by our teams behind the scenes. The Prior Insight, where this role sits being one of those.

What is the Healthcare Apprentice role and what will it involve?

The Prior Insight is an innovative, new and exciting digital platform which collates data to help us understand more about our young people – to offer insight into barriers of learning and development , challenges faced by the young people, and strategies for successfully improving outcomes for the young people. In addition to this being it’s fundamental purpose, Prior Insight will also transform the way the organisation operates by linking all of the core operational functions of the organisation into one centralised more effective and streamlined system.

Successful applicants can expect to experience a range of placements across Priors Court to gain a broad understanding of operational processes to enable high quality analysis and application of data.

The Digital Healthcare Apprentice will investigate and evaluate data, supporting improvements in the wellbeing and experiences of young people, while studying for a degree in Digital Healthcare Sciences through Warwick University.