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Frequently Asked Questions


Programme Content and Eligibility

Application Form

Mode of Delivery

Fees and Payment

Assessment Methods

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Programme Content and Eligibility


What are the business benefits of Professional and Executive Programmes?

Each module is followed by a Post Module Assignment, which enable participants to apply directly what they have learnt on the module into thier working environment.

At the end of an MSc, the sponsoring company benefits from ten ‘mini case studies’ as well as a 20,000 word company based Dissertation.

The knowledge and skills employees gain through our programmes programmes can boost efficiency, increase capability and expand productivity, whilst facilitating staff recruitment and improving staff retention. This adds real business value and rapid ROI.

In order to help professionals build a business case to obtain funding from their employer to attend our Programmes, we have designed this Business Benefits list.

Please contact us if you have further questions on the business value of our Professional Programmes.


What are the entry requirements for the Postgraduate Programmes?

To join one of our Postgraduate Programmes (Postrgraduate Award, Postgraduate Certificate, Master's degree), individuals should already have at least a second class honours Degree from an approved university, preferably, but not exclusively, in a technology-related subject.

If an individual has an HNC/HND and also has professional qualifications and/or proof of significanct work experience, they will also be considered. If you are a very experienced individual and have been working in senior positions for a number of years, but you have no former academic qualifications, please contact us. We very much value professional experience.

Individuals will also be eligible for our Postgraduate Programmes if they have successfully completed our MSc Foundation.


Can I enrol on one of your Programmes if I am unemployed?

No. Our Part-Time Postgraduate Programmes are designed to enable employed professionals to study whilst remaining in their full time job. Each module requires a follow up assignment showing direct application of the knowledge gained into the work-place. Unemployed candidates will not be able to benefit fully from our programmes and are therefore not eligible.

Unemployed individuals willing to study a single module (short course/CPD) to brush up on some skills in between ending a position and beginning a new one, or wishing to gain new skills in order to find a new employment should contact us directly to discuss eligibility.


Can I join the if I am self-employed?

Yes. As long as you have enough professional experience to relate your learning to your recent contracts / clients.


Which Master's degrees are offered at WMG?

MSc available part-time with Professional and Executive Programmes:

  1. MSc Engineering Business Management (Accredited by IET)
  2. MSc Manufacturing Systems Engineering & Management
  3. MSc International Trade, Strategy and Operations
  4. MSc Programme and Project Management
  5. MSc Service Management and Design
  6. MSc Supply Chain and Logistics Management (Accredited by CIPS, CILT & IET)
  7. MSc Healthcare Operational Management
  8. MSc Cyber Security Engineering
  9. MSc Cyber Security and Management
  10. MSc Sustainable Automotive Engineering


Are the MSc courses accredited by any external Professional Body?

Yes. The MSc Supply Chain and Logistics Management is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. On completion of certain core modules, you will be able to apply for full membership of CIPS/CILTS.

The MSc Engineering Business Management, and MSc Supply Chain and Logistics Management are also accredited by the The Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET). On completion of certain core modules, successful candidates will be able to apply for partial CEng (FL).


Which modules are compulsory for my chosen MSc?

Please visit our Master's Degree pages to find the list of all compulsory modules on each MSc stream.


In which order are the modules delivered?

There is no strict order to be followed when attending the modules, apart from the few exceptions below:

  • Leading Performance is a pre-requisite for Leading Change
  • Project Planning, Management and Control is a pre-requisite for Managing the Multi Programme/Project Environment
  • Business and Operations Design is a pre-requisite for Lean Principles and Applications 
  • Business Policy and Strategic Management is to be studied last.


What if my company does not want me to attend some of the core modules?

Candidates may be exempt from core modules if they can demonstrate that they already have the necessary knowledge. For greater flexibility in module choice, please consider an MSc with fewer ‘core’ modules.


How many CATS points is the full MSc equals to?

An MSc is equal to 180 CATS points. 90 CAT points are gained from the completion of the modules, and 90 CATS points from completion of the Dissertation. Each module is equal to 10 CATS points, meaning that you will actually accrue a total of 190 CATS points at the end of your part-time MSc. The overall grade of your MSc will be calculated with your 9 top grades from your modules and your dissertation. This means that there is an allowance of one module where if you do not perform as well as anticipated, it will not affect your overall grade.


What is a Postgraduate Award (PgA)?

A Postgraduate Award is an intermediary qualification equal to 30 CATS points that you can achieve by successfully completing 3 modules. Your CATS points can then be transferred towards a full MSc registration. The tuition fees paid towards the PgA will be deducted from the total MSc fees (pro rata).


What is a Postgraduate Certificate (PgC)?

A Postgraduate Certificate is an intermediary qualification equal to 60 CATS points that you can achieve by successfully completing 6 modules. Your CATS points can then be transferred towards a full MSc registration. The tuition fees paid towards the PgCA will be deducted from the total MSc fees (pro rata).


Is it possible to attend just one module as a short course / CPD?

Yes. Each module offered is also available on a standalone basis to achieve CPD. You do not have to complete a Post Module Assignment but if you choose not to, you won't be able to carry over the CATS points attached to this module.


Mode of delivery


What is the start date of the MSc?

There is no official start date to enter our programmes as enrolment is on-going throughout the year. We do request that all applicants attend an Induction Day before completing their first module and we run up to four induction days per year. Your official start date (and the start of your 3-year registration period) will commence on the first day of your first module.


How many modules do I need to study?

  • 9 modules to achieve a full MSc, plus 2 supporting events
  • 6 modules for a Postgraduate Certificate, plus 1 supporting event (PgC)
  • 3 modules for a Postgraduate Award, plus 1 supporting event (PgA)
  • 1 module for a CPD Certificate

How are the modules delivered?

Each module runs over four and a half days, Monday to Friday, during which time your employer releases you from the business to attend your course. Modules are offered on a fully residential basis at Arden Conference Centre on campus and your accommodation and food during each module is included in the fees. A non-residential basis for candidates who live locally from WMG is also available, although we do recommend each participant to stay residentially in order to benefit from the networking opportunities around meal times and after dinner.


Where are the modules delivered?

The modules are delivered in the Engineering Management Building on the Westwood Campus of the University of Warwick. Occasionally, modules may also run from Arden Conference Centre, also located on the Westwood Campus.


How do I book onto a module?

Once you have submitted your application form, our Programme Administrator will contact you to ask your choice of modules and dates. You can book onto a module up to 12 months in advance. Six weeks before the start of the module, you will receive Joining Instructions. At this point, you will have to confirm you definite attendance or not.


How do I cancel attendance to a module?

You must contact our Programme Co-ordinator to cancel your attendance to a module. If you cancel within six weeks of the start of the module, you may be charged up to 10%. If you cancel within two weeks of the start of the module, you will be charged 50% of the fees for that module. If you cancel on the day or simply do not show up, you will be charged 100%.


What time do the modules start in the morning?

Modules usually start at 9.00am on the Monday morning and 8.30am any other days. Modules finish at 7.30pm everyday apart from Friday where they finish at 2.00pm.


Where will I stay during the length of the modules?

You will stay in Arden House Conference Centre. Each bedroom has en-suite facilities.



Assessment methods


How is the MSc assessed?

50% of your grade comes from the average result of your 9 best modules and 50% from your company project / dissertation. Each module is assessed by a Post Module Assignment of 4,000-5,000 words which will be composed of usually two questions relating to the learning gained during that module.


How long does it take to write a PMA?

Each module represents 100 hours of learning: 40 hours of contact time in the classroom and up to 60 hours preparing your PMA. This does not mean that you will be writing for 60 hours, but it includes your research and networking time within your organisation to find out the information needed for a successful PMA.


How long do I have to submit a PMA?

Each PMA needs to arrive at WMG within 8 weeks of the end of each module. The module tutor will give you a deadline date at the end of each module.


How can I submit my PMA?

You can submit your PMA online - you will need your login details to do so. In the event of a website problem you can email your PMA to the Programme Co-ordinator. It is not possible to send PMAs by post.


What if I am late submitting my PMA?

If you are late submitting a PMA you may incur penalty points. If you need extra time to complete your PMA, you can contact the Programme Co-ordinator to ask for an extension.


What is the word count for dissertations?

Your Dissertation / Company Project should total approximately 20,000 words to be decided with your academic supervisor. A PMA should come to approximately 4000-5000 words.


Can I see sample questions of PMAs?

Examples of generic PMA question may be as follows:

  • Describe and then critically assess how your company designs, develops and produces a new product or service. Suggest practical ways in which current methods could be improved and explain the likely benefits to be gained from the application of your suggestions.
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of working in groups in organisations. Give examples from your experience.
  • Critically evaluate the objectives of an operations facility within your company. How well do these align with the strategy and performance measures in use?


Application Form


What is the deadline to apply?

There is no deadline to apply to our courses. Enrolment is on-going throughout the year. Apply now.


Can I apply online?

Unfortunately we cannot process online applications. Please download the application form for your chosen programme here.


What documents do I need to support my application?

You will need to send us a copy of your academic qualifications, a CV, two professional reference letters and an electronic passport photograph. Originals of your documents will be checked on the Induction Day.


When will I know if my application is successful?

Before sending an application form, you must contact our Programme Administrator to confirm your eligibility onto our programmes. We normally invite all candidates to WMG for an informal chat, or offer an in-company visit if that suits the candidate better, in order to confirm eligibility on that same day. Once you have been made an offer, completing your application form is only an administrative procedure.


What shall I do once I have sent my application form?

Our Programme Administrator will contact you within 48hours of receiving the application form to confirm receipt. You will also have to choose your first 3 modules so that we can issue an offer letter with your start day stipulated on it.



Fees and Payment


How much are the fees for Home/EU/International students?

There is no difference in fees for Home / EU or International students. All fees are available here . A yearly increment is to be expected and will be according to inflation.


How can my fees be paid?

Companies or individuals can be invoiced annually or quarterly.

International students will be required to pay each module in advance of attending.


When will my fees need to be paid?

Your first invoice should be around the date of your first module. You will be invoiced the sum equal to the annual / quarterly figure according to the methods you have chosen on your application form.


Are there any scholarships available?

There are no scholarships available for WMG Professional & Executive Programmes.



Other information


What is Induction?

Induction introduces you to WMG, the way we deliver the programmes and the way you will be expected to write and submit your Post Module Assignments. During Induction you will also meet with some of your fellow students and will be able to network. The whole event is meant to give you an introduction to what studying at WMG will be like, and to introduce you to our team.


What is the Research Methodologies?

Research Methodolgies is a two-day module which provides the participant with practical guidance on how to conduct an academically-sound MSc project. The module provides guidance on the key elements of good academic practice and a practical understanding of the major elements required of a Masters project. You normally attend Research Methodologies around 18 months after the start of your MSc.


I haven’t finished my modules/ dissertation and I am coming to the end of my 3-year registration period, what can I do?

You can ask the Programme Co-ordinator for an extension period of 6 months in the first instance. If more time is still needed after the 3.5 year period, you can apply for a further extension to the Board of Graduate Studies who will look at each request on an individual basis.


Can I ask for a ‘break’ in my studies under exceptional unforeseen circumstances?

Yes, you can ask the Programme Co-ordinator for a ‘suspension’ which is literally a ‘stop the clock’ facility. The length of your suspension will be added at the end of your initial registration period.