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Application for

Postgraduate Studies

Postgraduate Admissions Team

University House, The University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 8UW, UK

University Number:


Personal Information

Last Name (family name)

This is the name under which your file will be registered and the name you should use on any future correspondence with us

Informal Name(This is any name you wish to be known by)


Please add the title you normally use

Forename(s) (given names) in full

Please add all your forename(s) in the order in which they normally appear

Date of Birth

Course Details


Please state the qualification for which you are applying

Are you planning to study full-time or part-time?

Start date

Have you ever been a student at Warwick?

Please enter your university number, if known

Communication with you

Permanent home address

Your permanent home address. This address will also be used as the address for correspondence unless you give details below:


Correspondence address

If you are a resident away from home, eg as a student, or you may be away from home for a significant period, please give you contact address and dates

Correspondence Email


Male ¨Female ¨

Course of Study:


No ¨ Yes ¨

Postcode Mobile

Telephone Fax

From: To:

Postcode Mobile

Telephone Fax


Nationality and residence details


Nationality and residence details

Country of permanent residence

The country in which you have been normally resident, except for periods of temporary absence

Country of Birth

Please state the number of years you, your parents and, if applicable, your spouse, have been resident in the UK, Switzerland or other EU country




Your Parents



Your Spouse



Do you have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) ?

YES ¨ NO ¨

If you have been resident in more than one country please give dates of residence in each country

Academic History

Are you currently studying at an educational institution?

If yes please give the expected end date of that course


Name of Institution

Course End Date:

Qualifications held

Please state the titles of your qualification(s) as it appears on your official transcript & certificates

Name of University / College and Country

Dates attended (eg 1995 –1999)

Degree awarded and class eg BA (Hons) 2i,

Degree with date

Principal subjects taken

Qualifications Pending

Name of University / College and Country

Dates attended (eg 1995 –1999)

Degree expected and class

Degree expected with date

Principal subjects taken

English Language Qualifications

Have you been educated in the UK for at least a year?

Have you been educated in an English speaking country?

Have you been educated entirely in English for your degree?

Note: Please see the Postgraduate Directory for further information on English Language requirements

I took / will be taking a language test on (date)

Type of test taken

Test Score

YES ¨ NO ¨

YES ¨ NO ¨

YES ¨ NO ¨


The Score is


Referee 1 Referee 2

Please name two referees

The two referees should normally be teachers in higher education who have direct knowledge of your academic work. (Applicants with work experience may nominate a person with knowledge of their employment to act as one of their referees. If a recent second academic reference is not available or this is requested for the course for which they have applied)

Please remember to enclose your references with your application













If you have discussed your research proposal with a Warwick staff member please enter their name

Career History

Please give your employment history to date or other professional experience excludingvacation work, starting with the most recent

Dates from and to

Nature of work and position held

Academic interests and purpose of study

Note: all applicants must complete this section

Please use this space to describe your special academic interests and your purpose and objectives in undertaking graduate study.

You may continue on a separate sheet if necessary

Name and address of employer


How would you finance yourself at Warwick?

Please state to which other Universities you are applying

We ask for this information for our own records – it does not affect your application to us

Source of Information about Warwick

Please indicate the first and second two most important sources of information which influenced you to apply for a postgraduate place at Warwick.

Special Needs

The University welcomes applications from people with special needs and considers them on the same academic grounds as those from other candidates. It is helpful to know about your special needs in advance so that we can discuss whether facilities are available in the University. Applicants with special needs are encouraged to contact the disability co-ordinator, tel: 024 7657 3734 or Email:

Are you a registered disabled person?

Do you have any criminal convictions?

Equal Opportunities Monitoring
(UK Students only)

Please help us to make our equal opportunities policy effective by placing a tick in the box which is applicable to you


I hereby apply for admission to postgraduate studies at the University of Warwick and I confirm that the information provided above is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any offer of admission may be withdrawn if I cannot provide documentary evidence of any statements on this form.


Self ¨Scholarship ¨Family ¨ Employer ¨



Most Useful:

Also Useful:

Other source of information

¨ Dyslexia ¨ Need Personal Care Support

¨ Blind/Partially Sighted ¨ Mental Health Difficulties

¨ Deaf/ hearing impairment ¨ Wheelchair User

¨ Autism/Asperger Syndrome ¨ Unseen special need e.g.Diabetes

¨ Other special needs :

Yes ¨

No ¨

Yes ¨

No ¨

Asian Black

¨ Indian ¨ Caribbean

¨Pakistani ¨ African

¨ Bangladeshi ¨ Other black background

¨ Chinese

¨ Other Asian Background

Mixed Race White

¨ White & Black Caribbean ¨ British

¨ White & Black African ¨ Irish

¨ White & Asian ¨ Other white background

¨ Other mixed background