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MSc Foundation Programme

Like all of our courses, our Master’s Foundation Programme has been designed and delivered in partnership with a range of companies for the benefit of both employer and employee.


Why enrol?

If you have appropriate professional experience, but no previous higher education qualifications, then completing our Master’s Foundation Programme will kick start your management education and enable you to go on and enrol on a Master’s (MSc) degree course.

We offer a range of modules, giving you the flexibility to focus on your development needs and to work around your current employment.

On completion of the programme you will receive a Post-experience Certificate in Engineering Business Management, which will give you direct access to any of our Master’s degrees.


Study Programme

You will complete seven modules (six Foundation, one MSc level) and one work based project within an eighteen month period. The six core Foundation level modules each run over two and a half days, while the MSc level module is four and a half days. Each is followed by a post module assignment.


Core Modules

Business Awareness

Learning how the social, political, economic and commercial environment in which the business operates influences strategic objectives. Understand best practice behaviours.

Developing People

Theories and techniques for the management of individuals. Understand the factors that influence effective performance and how to apply that knowledge in practice.

Working in Teams

Understanding the role of the leader as well as what motivates people, the nature of team membership and developing effective team working.

Improving Business Performance

Understanding the need for, and the process of, change and the strategies and tools for successful implementation.

Improving Manager Performance

Recognise the key role of the manager in improving people performance. Understand the causes and effects of organisational conflict, the legal environment within which you operate and the importance of valuing diversity in the workplace.

Financial Analysis and Control Systems

Basic accounting principles, terminology and techniques. Interpreting financial reports and contributing to departmental financial planning and control.


Elective Modules

You may select any one Master’s degree level module.  



There are no written examinations for the Master’s Foundation Programme, instead assessment is completed through work based post module assignments.

An assignment must be submitted within six weeks of finishing each module and you must also complete a work based project.

We believe that applying the ideas, tools and techniques learned on the programme directly into your work environment is the best way of embedding learning in a manner that is meaningful to both you and your employer.