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Transcript: Overview of Engineering Business Leadership

Angela Clarke, Associate Professor, WMG, University of Warwick >> I would say there are three things why somebody should choose a WMG course such as Engineering Business Leadership. The first is relevance to industry. The second one is flexibility in how it’s delivered, and the third thing is that it’s got a lot of innovative and exciting content.

The Engineering Business Leadership course is an exciting new part-time three year Master’s. It’s aimed at helping individuals who want to move their career to the next level. It combines knowledge of subjects such as strategy, finance, with absolutely amazing new content like sustainability, digitalisation, innovation. It’s very relevant to organisations who want to develop employees to be more knowledgeable, to help take their organisations to the next level.

We’ve designed the course with industry involvement. Right from the word go, we understood their requirements and as a results, we’ve ended up with something that not only meets what industry needs today, but what they need for tomorrow as well.

MSc student >> What I like the most about the course is the real case studies that we do, and also different guest lecturers. There’s an amazing variety of guest lectures in every module and it gives you the opportunity to have an understanding of how to manage and lead a business engineering environment.

Angela Clarke, Associate Professor, WMG, University of Warwick >> This course appeals to learners from a wide range of companies, from SMEs maybe in a specialist sector, through to some of the big blue chip organisations. This course is for people who work in engineering and technology-based organisations, perhaps in a technical role, and who aspire to move into a leadership position.

The course has been designed to have a number of different pathways to follow, and many of those pathways are aligned to UK accreditations such as the Chartered Management Institute, and the Institute for Engineering and Technology.

MSc student >> One of the biggest benefits of being on the course at WMG is the ability to meet different people from different organisations and different levels of seniority and the experiences they bring, and being able to also take the experiences from the lecturers who have been also in industry, which is significantly beneficial to me, and being able to transfer that information to our organisation.

Angela Clarke, Associate Professor, WMG, University of Warwick >> Like all Master’s courses, it’s a challenge for learners to be able to balance a busy life at work with family life, and yet a Master’s course is a really great way to challenge yourself to help develop your skills and your knowledge and be able to then accelerate your career and provide some benefit to the organisations that you’re with.

Engineering Business Leadership is set to become one of WMG’s flagship part-time programmes, and I’m really excited to be a part of it.