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Our Master’s degrees are designed to give you the flexibility and choice to direct your own education in a way that works for you. We have 9 streams on offer, all leading to an MSc from the University of Warwick.



To be awarded your Master’s degree you will need to complete nine modules, two supporting events (Induction and Research Methodologies) and your company-based project / dissertation, which will reflect your chosen stream. This typically takes three years.

However, because we understand that you may not be able to commit to a long term period of study at this time, and that circumstances may change, you can build up to your MSc in stages.

Completing three modules in a twelve month period will give you a Postgraduate Award (PgA) in your chosen stream. If you complete six modules within eighteen months, you will be awarded a Postgraduate Certificate (PgC), again in your chosen stream. The credits gained and fees paid at each stage can be carried over to the next level as long as this is done within five years.


Watch our animated video below to learn more:


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