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Business Strategy and Strategic Management


The primary purpose of this module is to build on the strategic planning and implementation elements of the MSc programme, and to enable participants to understand how they can contribute to the development and/or implementation of their company’s business and operational strategies.

The module involves an interactive process of pre-module work, taught sessions and a major syndicate exercise, the latter in “company-focused” groups, leading to presentations by the participants to senior company representatives on a subject of their own choice with a theme relating to strategic improvement.
These presentations should demonstrate the participants understanding of strategic planning processes, the company’s current strategies relating to their own sector of the business, and provide them with a platform for proposing deliverable improvements or changes of focus based on their own analysis of internal and external pressures and/or opportunities facing the business.

To support the objectives of the module, it is expected that participants carry out some pre-module work a) to obtain an understanding of their company strategy, and b) to provide evidence to substantiate their ideas concerning a need for change.


On completion of this module participants will be able to :

  1. Understand the nature and content of business strategy and the strategic planning and management process
  2. Identify and assess the external and internal factors that affect a business
  3. Recognise the interface between the major organisational functions and the total corporate structure and appreciate the expectations of stake-holders in the business and the means of satisfying them
  4. Review and understand how to recognise competitive practices and develop sources of competitive advantage
  5. Understand the processes for developing and implementing strategy within the participants own company


  1. Introduction
  2. The strategic management process
  3. Vision and mission statements
  4. Analysis of the external environment
  5. Analysis of the internal environment
  6. Strategic positioning, tools and techniques
  7. Accounts from practitioners on aspects of strategy and related issues
  8. Organisational and cultural aspects and influences
  9. Strategic alternatives
  10. Application of learning to specific business situation
  11. Review and improvement of strategic business opportunity


4.5 Days

I found this module very useful and it was a great way to bring the learning from all my other modules together in a business context. It was also a good opportunity to involve my manager, providing visibility they would not have otherwise had"

Pretee Patel, UTAS

The BSSM module was one of the best modules from the 10 I’ve followed.

The opportunity to involve senior managers of your company into the module is great. This provided me the possibility to critique the current strategy deployment methodology and to propose improvements for strategy- formation and deployment.

The PMA forced me into different thinking about my company’s Strategy Deployment Process, and I had the opportunity to apply the improved methodology in Strategy Deployment Workshops in USA, EU and Asia."

Egbert Boersma,
Global Master Lean Coach,

Inalfa Roof Systems B.V.