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Global Business Environment

Business organisations do not exist in a vacuum. Their decisions and actions take place in a dynamic and often turbulent environment, within which many different external factors impact upon their performance. This module focuses upon key business issues in the global economic environment which can present both opportunities and threats to an organisation.

This module will help participants to explore and understand these issues and to identify the Critical Success Factors that enable organisations to be successfully created and developed. It will introduce processes that can be applied to increase the probability of success for their own organisations and will equip them to develop their own plans within the overall business context.

The module has been designed for individuals with no prior knowledge of economics and seeks to explain the workings of the domestic and international economic systems and examine key aspects of the economic environment which affect the business climate.


on completion, the participant will:

  1. Recognise key economic issues arising in the domestic and global environment and their potential impact on an organisation
  2. Appreciate the role and impact of influential economic sectors including the Government sector and other institutions including the European Union
  3. Understand what strategy is, why it is important, and the roles and responsibilities in defining and implementing strategy
  4. Understand methodologies and approaches that be utilised to develop, implement and review the impact of strategy


  1. Basic Tools; Market Mechanism, Demand and Supply Curves, Economic Data, Economic Modelling. Economic Activity, Growth and the Business Cycle
  2. Public Sector and Fiscal Policy and Financial Institutions
  3. Inflation, Money, Interest Rates, Monetary Policy, Balance of Payments, Exchange Rates, the Stock Exchange
  4. Analysis of the Macro and Micro environment including PESTLE, stakeholder analysis, value chain analysis, SWOT , Directional Policy Matrix
  5. Creating Value, Delivering Customer Satisfaction and Gaining Competitive Advantage
  6. Funding the Strategy and Considering Mergers and Acquisitions
  7. Implementing the Strategy, Measuring Success and Creating a Sustainable Organisation



4.5 days