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Reputation and Relationship Management

"Build solid trust between your organisation and its stakeholders through collaborative working"

Organisational reputation has long been recognised as a strategic asset that requires careful management. Enhancing and protecting corporate reputation through healthy relationships and effective communications is an on-going business process. It is vital therefore that all individuals understand their role in ensuring the organisation’s brand values, and that its stakeholder value propositions are seen as credible, reliable and trustworthy in the co-creation of value for all parties.

This Master’s level module, which can be taken as a standalone short course, aims to provide managers with an understanding of how and why the development and management of corporate and individual reputation enables organisations to be seen in a positive light. Emphasis is placed on the application of academic and practical knowledge in how organisational vision, values, purpose and social responsibility guide strategic development of corporate reputation, identity, image, status, and brand positioning.

Attention is also given to the effective communication of desired reputation amongst all stakeholders through the design, development and deployment of a co-created relationship management plan based on the principles of BS 11000 – Collaborative Business Relationships.

Course Outcomes:

  • Comprehensively understand the constructs of reputation management and discuss its impact on strategy
  • Recognise and evaluate strategies to manage reputation. Interpret and critique a given reputation management strategy
  • Critically review and systematically apply communication techniques and tools that can build and manage reputation for both an individual and for an organisation to a range of stakeholders and collaborative partners
  • Recognise and critique the process of creating more profitable customers through the co-creation of value with customers


4.5 days