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Strategic Business Management


This module looks at the role of Business Strategy in organisations. It addresses the importance of strategy to the organisation and examines the process for developing and implementing an effective strategy.


Upon successful completion participants will be able to:

  • Critically analyse the role of, and the process for, the development of business strategy, and its relationship with organisational vision, mission, values and culture.
  • Identify and critically assess the external and internal factors that affect a business and their business in particular.
  • Recognise the interface between different parts of an organisation, appreciate the expectations of stakeholders both inside and outside of the organisation, and consider how to manage them.
  • Review and/or develop sources of competitive advantage and debate the practicalities of enabling business benefit from them.
  • Create a business strategy and implementation plan for a part of the organisation in which the learner works.
  • Interpret, critically evaluate and apply appropriate theories, tools and techniques to issues in the learner's workplace (and demonstrate these against a Degree Apprenticeship standard where appropriate).


  • Introduction
  • The theory of strategy development – including vision and mission statements
  • The process of strategy development – including tools and techniques
  • Analysis of internal and external environment, strategic position and strategic options
  • Accounts from practitioners on aspects of strategy
  • Strategic alternatives
  • Practical implementation considerations
  • Influencing – tools, techniques and practice
  • Application of learning to specific business situation
  • Review and improvement of strategic business opportunity


Written Post Module Assignment (50%)

Video Log (30%)

In module presentation (20%)