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Strategic Decision Making


This module aims to develop your role in leading business improvements effectively, realistically, compliantly and in full alignment with business strategy and policy.

You'll be introduced to a variety of concepts, models, and frameworks to enable you to understand and critically evaluate the strategic context and environment in which you operate. These can then be used to help you understand and derive appropriate approaches for your roles to align with, and support, the strategic objectives and direction of the organisation as a whole. The module addresses areas of overall company strategy and links this to its application to the participant’s organisation.

The module is followed by an assessed assignment where you are required to demonstrate the achievement of specific learning outcomes. This requires you to apply the knowledge and techniques acquired during the module to a specific problem or issue in the workplace.

The module will contribute directly to equipping you with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead effectively within your company.


On completion of this module you will be able to:

  • Critically evaluate the strategic context and competitive environment in which the organisation is operating in order to derive appropriate long-term strategic objectives
  • Understand and critically discuss value chain concepts
  • Identify and critically evaluate optimal marketplace business positioning of a product, now and in the future, to ensure alignment with customer requirements and long-term business competitiveness; understand the implications of a varied product portfolio
  • Select and apply appropriate tools to derive an appropriately critically supported strategy aligned with business strategy, including tools assisting in-house versus outsourcing decisions
  • Select and apply appropriate risk management tools to derive an appropriate, critically supported, strategy for the avoidance / mitigation of business-related risks


  • Product positioning including portfolio management
  • Global supply chain strategy (including in-house supply and outsourcing)
  • Risk and contingency
  • Brief introduction to ‘Business Case’


5 days