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Storage and Warehousing Techniques

In order to operate, design, or optimise warehouse systems, a sound knowledge about internal operation and processes as well as the various technical realisations of warehouse functions is essential. This module provides an overview of various in-house transporting and storage systems and indicates preferred areas of usage. Special emphasis is placed onto the design of order picking systems for their role as cost and performance relevant factors of warehouse operation.


By the end of the module students should be able to:

  1. Position storage and configurate facilities appropriately in a distribution system design
  2. Explain warehouse operations
  3. Select appropriate storage and transporting technologies
  4. Trade-off performance vs flexibility in the order picking process
  5. Identify for a given material flow problem possible technical and organisational solutions


  1. Warehouses and distributions system within a supply chain
  2. Internal warehouse operations
  3. Material flow machinery: Storage systems as AS/RS, miniload, shelves and flow racks, Conveyors (roller, belt, chain conveyors), Transporters (Lift trucks, cranes), Order picking systems, identification
  4. Planning guidelines: A structured method to tackle system design questions


4.5 days