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Technology Management


The module provides useful insights to help current and future managers and technologists consider the role of technology plays in supporting current and future business, and how to manage the technology from cradle to grave.

The module aims to provide an appreciation of the role that technology plays in business and industry, from both a local and international perspective.

It integrates knowledge and leading edge thinking on the topic and offers insights into how technology is managed in industry, with relevant case studies and simulations to embed the learning.


Upon successful completion participants will be able to:

  • Appraise how technology can best be integrated in pursuit of commercial success and how to influence decision makers when making a case for technology investment
  • Critically examine the technological competence of a business
  • Assess a business’ technology needs, design an approach for accessing and implementing required technologies
  • Evaluate and apply tools & techniques necessary to identify and deliver technological change at an acceptable risk.


  • Technology definitions & classifications
  • Technology strategy
  • Technology management frameworks
  • Technology tools & techniques, including technology road mapping
  • Readiness assessments & competency frameworks
  • Case studies
  • Simulation
  • Managed industrial visit


  • PMA written assignment (40% weight); 2500 words
  • multiple choice quiz (5% weight)
  • In module case studies (25% weight)
  • Uniformly Secure presentation (20% weight)
  • Short team-based presentation (10% weight)


2 weeks:

Lectures (22 hours)

Tutorials (15 hours)

External visit (8 hours)