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MSc in Programme & Project Management

Do you want to move into project management, or simply improve your current skills? PPM is suitable for people from a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds.

What will the course provide?

You will learn the methodologies, tools and principles for successful and profitable project management, and be able to apply them in order to optimise business performance. As a graduate of PPM, you will be able to effectively develop and manage both small and large scale projects in a multi-project or programme business environment.

Participants on this programme tend to have a wide range of employment backgrounds, but all are currently involved in, or wish to move into, project/programme management in their chosen field.


Core modules

Introduction to project planning in the wider context of business activity for both product development and ‘change’ projects. Gain an appreciation of key issues and current techniques for successful project planning and control, including the selection and motivation of project teams.
Build upon the knowledge gained in the Project Planning, Management and Control module with larger, more complex scenarios of multiple projects where the interactions and risks present a further dimension of challenges. Recognise, anticipate and manage the inherent uncertainties and difficulties in programme activities. Estimate, plan and cost, activities, projects and programmes.
Understand the effect that organisation, culture and structure has on the ability to change and recognise how people react to change and understand ways to gain commitment. Select and apply strategic approaches to change, differentiating between operational tools and techniques. Understand how to evaluate and learn from the effects of change.

The ‘people’ aspect of companies. Recognise the value of strategic HR management to your organisation. Understand the social and cultural structures in organisations and how your own contribution as a manager impacts on the effectiveness of the organisation.
 Understand the basic accounting principles, terminology and techniques required to enable you to interpret financial reports and management accounting practices. Contribute to departmental financial planning and control.
Strategically examine the benefits and risks of joint ventures, both in the wider business community and specific organisations. Appreciate the need for structured plans and control procedures throughout the collaborative process. Understand the key financial and legal aspects of joint ventures.

Elective modules

You can select a further three modules from any category. See the full list of postgraduate modules for further details.