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MSc in Sustainable Automotive Engineering

Do you work for a vehicle manufacturer or specialist supplier?
This course is ideally suited if you want to become a research manager and technology leader, driving the market introduction of new energy efficient vehicles.

What will the course provide?

You will gain a holistic understanding of the different technology options and methods for design, systems integration, and verification that will drive the market introduction of new energy efficient vehicles.

We will help you develop the skills to design and evaluate the next generation of automotive products with lower environmental impact than conventional vehicles. You will learn the latest innovations in research, technology management, and leadership that will help your career progression in the automotive industry.

As a successful graduate of SAE you will have the management skills, technical awareness, and vision to assess different technology options within the context of environmental legislation and consumer expectations for vehicle quality, reliability and performance.

Core modules

NB. Fundamentals of Computing and Programming is timetabled for all SAE students in order to prepare you for the module in 'Systems Modelling and Simulation'. Students with a background in Computing and Programming, or those with sufficient understanding of the topic, will be able to select an alternative elective module.

Elective modules

You may choose five from the full list of Master's level modules, but recommended modules are:

  • Advanced Materials and Processes
  • Design for the Environment
  • Innovation
  • Problem Solving with Statistics
  • Quality, Reliability and Maintenance
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Technology Management
  • Transport Techniques and Management