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International Trade


With the increase in International Trade, companies are having to consider wider and potentially more complicated issues in order to compete in the Global market. This module will enable participants to understand how changes in the global environment affect international businesses. It will also cover key areas of business in an international context including legal constraints and opportunities, marketing and sales, finance and operations, giving participants the opportunity to consider these issues in some detail through a case study exercise.


On completion successful participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the main strategic decisions to be taken when establishing international trading solutions.
  2. Evaluate the impact of global changes as they affect trade.
  3. Apply key international trade principles in order to design appropriate trading solutions in different international contexts.
  4. Evaluate and integrate principles for trading internationally in the areas of:-
  • Operational, storage, customs, logistics and banking issues
  • Legal constraints and opportunities
  • Management of cross cultural, international virtual teams
  • Marketing of products and services nationally and internationally
  • Financial issues including sources of funds, transfer pricing and taxation.


  • Global context - the international environment for trade.
  • Financial approaches and sources of funds.
  • Operational aspects including logistics, customs and freight.
  • Management of multinational and cross cultural teams.
  • Perceptions of product and service in multiple national markets.
  • Understanding the complexity and precedence of different legal frameworks in global trade.
  • Integrating Case study.


5 days