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Course overview

One day course developed for people with engineering and technical backgrounds who work in or with the steel industry to help them gain an understanding of metallurgy and how carbon & alloy steels are manufactured. The course focuses on basic metallurgical principles, primary & secondary steel making processes, the specification of steel, how they are evaluated and how steel grades can be matched to applications.

Who should attend?

Anyone with a technical or engineering background who would gain knowledge and benefit from an understanding of steel processing, products and properties. Attendees could be production or process engineers, quality and inspection personnel and could be at supervisory, managerial or professional engineering level.

Tuesday, 01 January 2019

Course Content

Introduction to Ferrous Metallurgy

• The periodic table of elements

• Atomic structures

• Interstitial and substitutional elements

• Equilibrium phase diagrams

• How materials deform

Primary and secondary Steel making

• Blast furnace

• BOS steel making

• Electric arc furnaces

• Secondary refining processes

• Continuous casting

• Ingot casting

Alloying elements and what they do

• Carbon

• Manganese

• Silicon

• Aluminium

• Titanium, Vanadium and Niobium

• Boron

• Nitrogen

• Sulphur and phosphorous

Steel processes

• Strip manufacturing

• Plate manufacturing

• Sections

• Rod and wire

• Tube – seamless and welded

• Welding

Material testing and chemical analysis

• Chemical analysis – cast / heat and product analysis

• Tensile testing

• Impact testing

• Impact testing

• Creep testing

• Fatigue

• Brittle and plastic failure

• Introduction to corrosion

Steel Grades & Applications

• Grades, specifications & mill certificates

• Oil & gas applications

• Automotive applications

• Structural applications

• Aerospace applications

Friday, 01 March 2019

Learning Outcomes

• Appreciate the fundamental principles of steel metallurgy

• Understand how steel is made and processed

• How steel grades are specified and matched with a range of applications

Monday, 01 April 2019

Dates and Fees

Due to Covid-19 we have been making changes to our course delivery. We remain committed to providing a high-quality learning experience and if face to face teaching is not possible some courses may be delivered online. We will continue to review the situation and update our website with the latest information. Please contact us to find out more about this course and we can advise you of the current options.