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Short Courses and Intermediary Awards

Perhaps you are considering getting back into education but are unsure whether it is the right path for you. Are you or your employers concerned at the time you would be spending away from the workplace, or have you identified a skills gap that could be filled by studying a single module?

Is your company looking to develop subject experts who could transfer their knowledge back into their teams and across business functions?

Our short courses allow you to learn new skills quickly without having to commit to studying for a long period of time. All of the modules which make up our programmes are available as short courses on a standalone basis, with the option to validate your learning through a work based post-module assignment. Our programmes are not sector specific, so you will be studying alongside peers from different industries but who are facing the same issues, which will help to broaden your experience and provide a wider frame of reference.

Should you decide to continue beyond your initial short course, the credits gained through completion (with post-module assignment) can then be put towards further qualifications. Fees already paid will also be put towards the cost of the higher award.