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Aspiring Leaders: Post-experience programme

Are you taking your first steps on the management ladder? Do you want to develop your skills and wider business understanding?

What will the programme provide?

The focus of the programme is to encourage you to reflect on and develop your own practice as a leader, in whatever role or sector you are in.

You will learn how to improve your effectiveness, and how to apply the tools and methodologies you study within the context of your own organisation for greater personal and business performance.

You will study alongside peers from a range of companies and backgrounds, helping to build your professional networks and to share ideas and best practice from a variety of organisations and sectors.

Is this for you?

This programme is designed as a starting point to management development for those with no formal higher education qualifications, but who show leadership potential. You might, for example, be in the early stages of your career, or want to work your way up from the shop floor.

You may be from any area of your company and be of any age, but will need to demonstrate company support.

Delivery and assessment

Our Aspiring Leaders’ modules run over three days at the University of Warwick. There are six modules in all, to be completed over a 12 month period. You will be assessed through two work-based mini-projects, enabling you to apply what you’ve learnt back into your workplace.

Successful completion will give you a Post-experience Certificate from the University of Warwick, and entry to WMG Master’s degree programmes.


Self Awareness
Explore your personal drivers and emotional intelligence in order to interact effectively with others and further develop your interpersonal skills.

Working in Groups
Building on the previous module, you will explore different types of interaction at work, and the key considerations needed to improve the effectiveness of people working together.

Business Awareness
Understand your role within the wider business context. Learn more about strategic business models and the decision-making context for businesses as a basis for internal strategies.

Financial Awareness
Understand the financial aspects of the business so that you can contribute to departmental financial planning and control.

Leadership in Organisations
Recognise the circles of influence and the role models that exist in all organisations. Understand the importance of coaching and mentoring, and how to use appropriate performance management systems.

Improving Business Performance
Appreciate the importance of personal action to drive change and to facilitate improvement. Understand change models and the importance of reinforcement of critical thinking principles and evaluation.

*Please do speak to us about your level of professional experience as in some circumstances you may be able to start on a Postgraduate Award or Certificate and progress to a Master's degree.