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Business Awareness

This module will raise participants' awareness of the social, political, economic and commercial environment within which businesses operate as well as how the external environment influences strategic objectives.

The module will develop participants' understanding of the behaviours that are being promoted as best practice and their role in the achievement of strategic objectives.

On completion, the participant will:

  1. Have been introduced to theories and models that facilitate analysis of the trends and forces to which the organisation may need to respond

  2. Understand how personal values influence individual’s behaviour and the way in which corporate value sets relate to personal values

  3. Have considered theory and best practice with regard to promoting innovation, effective partnering and performance in the process of satisfying clients


  1. The nature of strategy and strategic management

  2. The factors that influence strategic decision making

  3. How values and behaviour are linked

  4. Promoting effective business relationships

  5. Measuring performance effectively

  6. A major simulation is used to put theory into practice


Duration: 2.5 Days

Assessment: Post Module Assignment


This module is approved by BAE SYSTEMS as a Manufacturing Developing You (MDY) programme core module.