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Commercial and Industrial Law

Post-Experience Module Outline


Commercial & Industrial Law (CIL)



The overall aim of this module is to provide an understanding of the impact of the common law and legislation on day-to-day commercial activities. Business is becoming increasingly litigious so that managers need to be aware both of the risks and responsibilities attached to suppliers and of the rights and remedies available to customers.

As a supplier of goods or services is liable for the financial and economic consequences resulting from any breach of contract, it is vital to be able to assess the effects and cost of these responsibilities when making business contracts. Equally when a dispute between a supplier and customer arises, even in these days of partnership purchasing, neither party can accurately assess whether an offer from the other side to resolve the dispute is generous, or the reverse, without knowledge of contractual principles.

In addition to discussing the contractual rights and liabilities of the parties to a supply contract, which is the essence of this module, other areas of importance to managers will be covered e.g. product liability, competition law, intellectual property rights.


Objectives: On completion, the participant will be able to: 

  1. Appreciate the general contractual principles which apply when they are making a contract and what its terms are (including the 'battle of the forms').

  2. Understand the obligations imposed by statute on suppliers of goods and services and of the parallel rights and remedies available to customers, including damages and consequential loss.

  3. Assess the risk undertaken by companies in their selling and marketing operations, e.g. under the Consumer Protection Act 1987.

  4. Recognise the special dangers involved in international contracting, such as competition problems, not least within the European Community.

  5. Understand the way in which the law relating to intellectual property rights impinges on commercial activities.

  6. Recognise the pitfalls and considerations to be taken into account when making agreements and resolving disputes.



  1. General Principles of Contract

  2. Intellectual Property Law

  3. Product Liability

  4. Aspects of Competition

  5. Health & Safety at Work

  6. Employment Law


Duration: 2.5 Days

Assessment: Post Module Assignment

This module is approved by BAE SYSTEMS as a Manufacturing Developing You (MDY) programme “Elective Module”.