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Dimensional Management for Volume Manufacturing

Post-Experience Module Outline


Dimensional Management for Volume Manufacturing (DMVM)



The module aims to provide participants with a detailed understanding of the influence of manufacturing process variability upon the build accuracy and functional quality of a product manufactured in a volume environment. It will also cover methodologies to analyse the effect of process variability, and provide strategies to minimise its effects during the introduction of a new process.


Objectives: On completion, the participant will be able to: 

1) Explain the dimensional management process, particularly in relation to new product introduction, and integrate current business practices with the ideal process.

2) Devise a structured system of measurement and analysis to quantify and control process variation associated with an existing small assembly.

3) Develop robust methodologies to clearly define customer critical requirements and limits of acceptability within the specification of a new product.

4) Devise and document how the dimensional variability of a new product is to be assessed and validated through the quality maturation phase of the NPI process.

5) Perform predictive analysis on the potential process variation of a new product, and understand its limits. Apply the prediction to an existing product, including the calibration of that analysis.

6) Apply Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing to robustly communicate key product characteristics and the associated limits of process variability.



1) The Dimensional Management process.

2) Dimensional control of manufacturing processes, including analysis of current performance.

3) Measurement systems: measurement point selection, metrology and measurement systems analysis.

4) Dimensional Variation Analysis: analytical tools and techniques to quantify and minimise the effect of variation on components and assemblies.

5) Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing.


Duration: 3 days, 20 hours contact time.


Assessment: Post Module Assignment (30 hours research and preparation time).


This module is approved by BAE SYSTEMS as a Manufacturing Developing You (MDY) programme “Core Module”.