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Information Technology

Post-Experience Module Outline


Information Technology (IT)



Information Technology is strategically important to the implementation, management and delivery of company business strategy. This course has been designed to increase participant awareness of the impact of IT and how it can be utilised to improve performance within their areas of responsibility.

The course will provide an overview of Information Technology elements including computer-based systems and data communications, together with the components of these systems which are fundamental to their integration. It will also discuss the issues which arise in managing the introduction of new and improved systems.


Objectives: On completion, participants will be able to: 

  1. Understand the role of IT in business improvement and future decision making

  2. Appreciate the aspects of computing, such as networks, databases and application software and associated systems development together with their relevance to the business.

  3. Recognise that accurate, pertinent and timely information only results from high quality, well managed data and understand their own responsibilities in the provision of accurate data for the use of others.

  4. Describe the potential benefits and limitations of the use of computer tools to assist the performance of work tasks.

  5. Have the confidence to initiate and participate in IT-related business projects in the workplace and contribute to the specification of process needs for which IT-related support is required.



  1. Information technology strategy in the business

  2. Business information systems analysis

  3. Data, files and databases.

  4. Computer hardware, operating systems and application software.

  5. Data communications

  6. Corporate systems – ERP, CRM etc.

  7. Decision support - business intelligence and corporate performance management

  8. Case study, including hands-on computer-based exercises


Duration: 2.5 Days

Assessment: Post Module Assignment

Pre Requirements - Basic I.T. Skills

Revised: November 2006

This module is approved by BAE SYSTEMS as a Manufacturing Developing You (MDY) programme “Elective Module”.