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Project Planning, Management and Control

Post-Experience Module Outline


Project Planning, Management & Control (PPMC)



The course is intended to provide an appreciation of the value and relevance of effective project management, illustrating the techniques which are in current use within companies.


Objectives: On completion, the participant will be able to: 

  1. Understand the requirements for leading and contributing to projects effectively.

  2. Understand Project Management techniques in order to optimise time, cost, quality, resource, specification trade-offs and the management of risk in the planning and re-planning of a project.

  3. Provide effective support to the formulation and management of project teams.

  4. Understand the processes and roles for project management.



  1. Company/Project organisation.

  2. Project definition and planning including project management processes

  3. Project planning techniques, including networking systems.

  4. Project risk management.

  5. Project monitoring, reporting and control.

  6. Project management exercise.

  7. Case study material.


Duration: 2.5 Days

Assessment: Post Module Assignment

This module is approved by BAE SYSTEMS as a Manufacturing Developing You (MDY) programme “Core Module”.

Revised 12/6/06