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Cyber Awareness

Through this interactive one day course, experts from WMG’s Cyber Security Centre will give you an understanding of the critical issues of cyber security, and what it means for your organisation.

As business is increasingly shaped by cyberspace, and its influence continues to grow, so does the associated security risk.
Whether you work in a traditional business function, or an IT/technical area, this course will ensure you are:

  • Better prepared for the challenges of the cyber environment
  • Able to raise awareness of the security risks in your organisation
  • Up to date with the latest methods to mitigate those risks


Delivered by cyber security experts with both academic and industry backgrounds, the programme will cover:

  • Cyber security: background and issues
  • Protecting yourself online
  • Security-minded communications
  • Security-minded business collaboration
  • Preventing fraud and protecting IP


£295 per person

Next running: 12 February 2016

What is the Cyber Security Centre?

The Cyber Security Centre (CSC) at WMG, University of Warwick is working to advance understanding of the cyber environment, and to protect the human experience within it.

The CSC’s research involves cyber-physical systems, vehicle cyber security, smart cities, digital forensics, advanced network defence, and counterfeit protection. A multidisciplinary approach combines academics, government and industry experts who bring together the technical and behavioural aspects needed for effective cyber security research.
It is vital for industry and academia to work together in this area, and WMG provides a template for this collaboration to flourish.

Warwick is the only University with two MSc courses provisionally certified by GCHQ, both delivered by the CSC. The certification was awarded on the evidence of the CSC’s excellence in engaging with industry, the international experience of the CSC team and the quality of the courses.

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Tel: 024 765 23976