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Automation and Robotics


The importance of Automation & Robotics has increased rapidly as companies respond to competitive pressures by seeking the increased productivity and improving quality it offers. This course module explains the techniques and applications of Automation, with particular reference to the emerging field of Robotics. The module is taught by a wide range of experienced engineers and includes a day of hands on training on robots, vision systems, pheumatics and PLCs.


On completion, participants will be capable of:

  1. Understanding the operational efficiency benefits of automation and the techniques used to plan for and implement automation projects.
  2. Reviewing the current industrial practice and the latest technology available to automate the major manufacturing functions.
  3. Understanding the communications capabilities required for integration in manufacture.
  4. Appreciating the capabilities, limitations and future trends in robot systems in order to specify and plan robot installations.
  5. Knowing how products can be designed to facilitate Automatic Manufacture and Assembly.


  1. Principles and methods of automatic assembly
  2. Planning and implementation of automation
  3. Automatic process control logic and sequence
  4. Automated materials handling and storage
  5. Hardware & Software Integration
  6. Robot technology and applications
  7. Design concepts for automation
  8. Specifications and implementation of robot systems
  9. Vision engineering
  10. Hands-on Robot Programming Laboratory/case study


5 days


Post module assignment

NOTE: As there is a high degree of overlap this module should not be taken in conjunction with Manufacturing Technology or Manufacturing & Information Technology modules.