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Business Policy & Strategic Management (BPSM)


Continual improvement in performance is a pre-requisite for business to remain competitive in today’s global markets, and the overriding aim of both the Engineering and Process Business Management programmes is to develop “agents of change and business improvement”. The primary purposes of this final module are to build on the strategic planning and implementation elements of the MSc programme and to enable participants to understand how they can contribute to the development and/or implementation of their company’s business and operational strategies.

The module involves an interactive process of pre-module work, taught sessions and a major syndicate exercise, the latter in “company focused” groups, leading to presentations by the participants to senior company representatives on a subject of their own choice with a theme relating to strategic improvement. These presentations should demonstrate the participants understanding of strategic planning processes, the company’s current strategies relating to their own sector of the business, and provide them with a platform for proposing deliverable improvements or changes of focus based on their own analysis of internal and external pressures and/or opportunities facing the business.

To support the objectives of the module, it is expected that participants carry out some pre-module work a) to obtain an understanding of their company strategy, b) to provide evidence to substantiate their ideas concerning a need for change, and c) to review their own module attendance programme to provide themselves with relevant tools and techniques for the work to be undertaken.


On completion, the participant will be:

  1. Demonstrate an appreciation of the role of business strategy in a competitive environment, and an understanding of the widely recognised principles, tools and techniques for developing and implementing such a strategy.
  2. Understanding the processes for developing and implementing strategy within the participants own company.
  3. Understand and critically evaluate the relationship between their company’s corporate, functional and operational strategies.
  4. Understand how the participant can contribute to the development and implementation of their company strategy.
  5. Develop deliverable actions, incorporating knowledge gained from objectives 1-4, which can be used to improve operational performance.


  1. Review of the main academic approaches, tools and techniques for developing and implementing strategy.
  2. Accounts from practitioners on aspects of strategy and related issues.
  3. Workshop sessions in preparation for the presentation to senior company representatives.
  4. A presentation by participants to, and dialogue with, senior company representatives concerning company strategy.
  5. Discussion of the “feedback” from company representatives concerning the participant’s presentations.
  6. Guidance on MSc projects.
  7. Participant review of their full taught programme to provide “user experience” input into the WMG’s continuous improvement programme.


4.5 days