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Design for the Environment


The aim of this course is to train a new generation of product designers and managers who will play a major role in the move towards sustainable development. Product managers need to integrate the needs of the customer with those of the environment to ensure that the society can reach a more balanced trade-off between economy and environment. New eco-friendly products and clean production technologies need to be developed and utilised in our drive towards sustainable development at national and global level.


On completion of the module, successful participants will be able to:

  • Identify and understand the economical and strategic business reasons for reducing the impacts of products and manufacturing processes on the environment at local, national and global levels
  • Analyse the advantages and disadvantages of sustainable methods of designing, manufacturing, marketing, disposal and recovery of products and take advantage of eco-product design and clean manufacturing technologies in eco-product design and manufacture process
  • Articulate and manage the necessary paradigm shift in the design of new products and processes and the steer company / organisation towards sustainable product design, development and business operations
  • Select suitable design tools and techniques for environmental friendly products and processes and be able to apply them in environmental planning, management and decision making
  • Devise strategies for eco-products and clean processes to prevent environmental costs and improve competitiveness and environmental performance of the company / organisation


  • Introduction to Design for Environment (DfE)
  • DfE Industrial and Business Perspectives
  • Environmental Impact of Products & Processes
  • Renewable Energy Sources: Fuel for Thought
  • DfE Tools and Techniques: DfR, DfD, DfMA, LCA
  • Waste Management & Pollution Prevention
  • Sustainable Product Design and Manufacture
  • Eco-design Strategies and Management
  • Strategies for Lean and Green Manufacturing
  • Eco-product and Eco-service Development
  • Environmental Assessment Tools: LCA
  • DfE Application in Automotive Industry
  • Green Products and Processes: Examples of Eco-products
  • Environmental Management Standards - ISO 14000
  • Can DfE Sell? Climate Change our Business
  • Towards Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Case Studies: Automotive, Electronic / Electrical Products


5 days

Method of Assessment

20% in-module Case Study, 80% Post Module Assignment