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Manufacturing Process Technology

This module provides an appreciation of the application capabilities and limitation of primary and secondary manufacturing processes


On completion, participants will be capable of:

  1. Recognising key drivers for process selection and applying basic principles to the solution of shape/property/cost problems
  2. Identifying the properties of materials which influence their selection and behaviour during processing
  3. Understanding the influence on engineering properties of different processes
  4. Recognise the capabilities and limitations of commonly used manufacturing processes


  1. DFMA exercise
  2. Drawings and Interpretation of Needs
  3. Surface Roughness and its Specification
  4. Hierarchy of Manufacturing Processes and Introduction to Generic Effects of Dies and Moulds
  5. Some generic needs for selecting processes
  6. Dimensional Tolerances
  7. Selecting Processes using Ashby Diagrams
  8. Hands on Introduction to CES and Generic Outputs
  9. Joining Processes using CES
  10. Generic Understanding of Work Holding
  11. Datums and Work Holding
  12. Secondary Processes Sequencing Complex Parts
  13. Work Holding in Secondary Processes.
  14. Selecting Cutting Conditions
  15. A number of industry specific sessions


4.5 days