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Technology Management


Effective technology management is an essential prerequisite to sustainable competitive advantage, for both emerging and mature businesses. By their nature, many successful product and service businesses are based upon a foundation of technology. Technology is a significant expense in many businesses, yet most businesses do not understand how to manage the technology properly to gain full advantage of their investment.

The Technology Management module provides an appreciation of the important role that technology plays in business. It integrates knowledge and leading edge thinking on the topic and offers insights into how technology innovators achieve their success, combined with relevant case studies and simulations to embed the learning. From appreciating how to find the right technologies through to implementing, exploiting and disposing of them, this module provides useful insights that will help current and future managers and technologists.


On completion participants will be able to:

  • Identify technology needs in the context of the key business drivers and evaluate the means to access such technology.
  • Appreciate the benefits and apply the principles of technology implementation in multifunctional organisations.
  • Appreciate the impact of technology on business and society.
  • Understand and critique how technology can best be integrated in the pursuit of commercial success.
  • Critically examine and assess the technological competence of a business.
  • Understand how to influence decision makers when making a case for technology investment.
  • Evaluate and apply tools and techniques necessary to identify, assess and deliver technological change at an acceptable risk.


  • Understanding technology – definitions and classifications
  • Creating a technology strategy
  • Emerging technologies for business
  • Technology decision making and building value
  • Technology management concepts & frameworks
  • The impact of technology
  • Tools & techniques for managing technology - including Technology Roadmapping and Technology Auditing
  • Simulations and case studies


5 Days


Post-module work 75% and in-module work 25%