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CAE (CFD, FEA) & Physical Correlation

Engineering simulation is an essential solution in many engineering problems in today’s industry as it reduces the cost of design and product development, or optimises the current engineering systems.

Computer Aided Engineering introduces the mathematical and numerical methods to simulate engineering problems by utilising state of the art engineering tools and packages.

This module aims to further enhance both the theoretical and practical appreciation of CAD, whilst introducing the supporting role of finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to achieve the engineering of a product or a system. Furthermore, this module introduces methods to validate engineering simulation through physical correlation.

You will appreciate how mathematics, numerical analysis and computed technology are combined to model and simulate the behaviour of physical systems. You will also develop your understanding of the importance and relevance of modelling engineering systems before embarking on detailed designs and modelling processes developed with software packages.

You will gain confidence and be experienced in the use of software as a design aid in a wide range of engineering problems.