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Factory Line Simulation

This module focuses on modelling of a series of automated machines within a manufacturing assembly or test facility environment so as to improve the material flow throughput efficiencies within production systems. It should enable participants to understand, use and develop hierarchical and object orientation models and 3D visualisation of logistic factory or test facility based systems. Through computer based modelling of a real system they will be able to understand, develop and use through the analysis and experimentation of processes within a virtual setting how to create a reduction in time and cost requirements associated with physical testing. The simulation models used will thus allow the participant to understand and use modelling to increase capability of production, equipment, and personnel within a simulated environment, resulting in information that can preserve or improve value at the lowest possible cost. At the end of the module they will therefore understand and use computer-based simulation to overcome, in either a single or a multi-product environment, bottleneck identification and mitigation strategies, work and buffer allocation and the metrics and ratios used within this environment.