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WMG Doctoral Research and Innovation Conference

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Call for Papers

WMG Doctoral Research and Innovation Conference

28th June 2017

Bridging the Gap between Academia and Industry

Industrial and academic research are the two faces of the same coin. This conference is a step towards bridging the gap between two by presenting and showcasing the impeccable interdisciplinary and industry standard research thorough with academic wisdom. The motivation is to bring the industry and academia under the same roof for fluent interaction by providing valuable insights into strategies and dynamics that characterise the success factor of research projects. The opportunity to give words to your enlightened ideas and its impact on industry and society has been provided in the form of WMG Doctoral Conference 2017.

Doctoral students from WMG are invited to submit abstracts for the 4th edition of the conference to showcase and present your research.

What is the Economic and Societal impact of your research and

How your research plays a key role in the Academia-Industry relationship?


We want to stimulate students to think about the implications of their research, the links and connections it has with other disciplines and the methodological rigour that goes into the research process.

First-year WMG doctoral students may present a poster, all final year doctoral students must present a paper and all other WMG research students will be asked to present a paper or a poster depending on the conference arrangements. Attendance is compulsory for all WMG research students.

You can submit abstracts (max. 300 words) describing your research in the context of these key assessment criteria that funding bodies (e.g. EPSRC, BBSRC, ESRC, Innovate UK, EU, Industry) value when allocating resources:

  • Research vision and research questions;
  • Situate the research project within the broader interdisciplinary research framework - What are the disciplines involved? Do they benefit from one another?
  • Pathway to Industry and Society
    What are the targeted industries?
    How impeccable your research is for the betterment of society?
  • Research methodology in terms of Novelty, timeliness, ambition, appropriateness
  • Research outcomes: Frameworks, databases, models, algorithms, processes, products, software, etc.
  • Pathways to impact: Who may benefit from the proposed research and how is this achieved?
Abstract submission is now OPEN! Submission deadline is 17th April 2017.

Broad Area of Research

area of research

Specific Area of Research






Further Information

Oral Presentations
Speakers have been allocated a 20 minute slot (unless otherwise stated). Presentations should be kept to 15 minutes in length with 5 minutes for questions and changeover. All presenters will be asked to load their presentations at the start of the session so please arrive promptly.

Poster Presentations
Please bring your posters on the morning of 28th June and place it on the poster boards you will find in IDL by 12 PM.
Poster size: A1 (594mm x 841mm). Posters must be portrait format. A template for WMG posters can be found here: wmg_academic_poster_template.pptx

Feedback and Prizes
The conference will provide students with a great opportunity to receive expert feedback on their posters/presentations directly from the academics at WMG. When preparing your poster/presentation, please bear in mind the assessment criteria presented in the assessment form. Prizes will be given for the best presentations/posters.

If you have any queries please contact us by email at wmgric at warwick dot ac dot uk

Free Admission

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Final Call for Abstracts:
Submission deadline: Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Deadline for registrations (attend only): 8th June 2017

The Conference will take place at:

International Manufacturing Centre (IMC)
University of Warwick


Please register at IMC Reception on arrival.


IDL Auditorium


wmgric at warwick dot ac dot uk