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Sponsoring Companies

Impact and Benefits

Our International Engineering Doctorate programme offers companies an opportunity to harness pioneering research in order to tackle a specific industry challenge, although the long-term benefits may extend well beyond single projects.

By acting as a sponsor company to an EngD International student you will benefit from rigorous research into a real world problem that you have identified as being important to your company and/or your sector, introducing innovative technologies and processes to improve competitiveness within manufacturing.

You will also benefit from the the wealth of expertise and cutting edge facilities at Cranfield, Exeter and Warwick and the international perspective of the programme. The knowledge gained throughout the project is transferred back to your company and being embedded into your everyday practice.

Successful graduates have reported significant and permanent culture changes throughout their organisations as a result of their involvement with each of the three institutions. It is hoped that by combining our knowledge and expertise the doctoral researchers will be able to have even more impact. Companies have hailed tangible benefits including reduced manufacturing costs, technological advances and a transformation in entire processes and ways of thinking.

Research Deliverables

The researcher will deliver solutions by applying rigorous analysis, innovative thinking and good management skills.

The skills your researcher develops will enable them to work effectively within your multi-disciplinary teams and what they learn from our partner institutions, your company, and internationally will underpin and govern their future approach, influencing the direction of your business.

It is important that the researcher builds up a network which includes fellow students, senior industrialists, policy makers and opinion-formers. They will develop relationships at an international level through accessing our own established multi-sector networks, spending time in global organisations and through a variety of networking activities.

Company Commitment

The relationship between the Universities and the sponsoring company is at the heart of the International Doctorate programme. As a company, you will have the opportunity to directly support the Research Entrepreneur through access to your staff, facilities and time.

By providing a suitable and experienced industrial mentor, you will have a hands-on role in ensuring that both the researcher and resultant research are aligned to your long term strategic goals and will play a key part in achieving them.

If you have a project, or a portfolio of short projects, which could form the basis of a Doctorate, please get in touch with us to discuss how we can help. You may already have an employee in mind – from someone who is starting out in their career to a senior manager who left school with few qualifications – or we can find one for you.