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My Teaching

Lecturer (grade 7) Coventry University

I currently lead the module on 'Introduction to Psychology for exercise, nurtrition and health' aimed at second year Exercise, Nutrition and Health undergraduates at Coventry University. The module introduces students to a large amount of behaviour change theories from the field of Health Psychology.

The module essentially aims to introduce students to the psychological knowledge and skills required to plan, deliver and evaluate a health-related training session. These include factors affecting the relationship between instructor and client, different ways of collecting relevant client information, identifying clients' goals, understanding motivation and barriers to engagement. Students will learn how to help clients overcome barriers, to provide supportive feedback, and to review and evaluate a session. The module aims to equip students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills that underpin the role of the instructor in positively promoting health.

Other teaching experiences

Lecturer (grade 6) Coventry University
Last year I began my lecturing experience with teaching on a Psychology module called 'Genes & Psychology' at Coventry University, Oct-Dec, 2011

Warwick Medical School
Earlier this year, I also assisted student's group work in Dr Harbinder Sandhu's Health Psychology Module at Warwick Medical School.

MSc in Diabetics - Supervisory position commencing in October 2012 for GPs, hospital doctors, specialist nurses and other health professionals involved in the care of people with diabetes.