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Marco Cinelli



  • WHILE AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WARWICK (10/2012 - 02/2017)
  • My areas of research and expertise include Sustainability Assessment, Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding/Analysis framework, methods and software and responsible development of nanotechnology, having studied and worked in these areas since 2005.

November 2016 - New article in European Journal of Operational Research - Application of decision aiding process in the area of nanomaterials synthesis.

Access it for FREE here.

July 2016 - New article in Journal of Cleaner Production - Proposal of a framework of criteria for the sustainability assessment of nanoproducts.

Access it for FREE here.

July 2016 - Our paper "A green chemistry-based classification model for the synthesis of silver nanoparticles" was one of the most downloaded articles in Green Chemistry in 2015.

Access the article for FREE here.

July 2016 - Our paper "Analysis of the potentials of multi criteria decision analysis methods to conduct sustainability assessment" was one of the most downloaded articles in Ecological Indicators in the last 90 days. Access the article for FREE here.
It is currently featured in an online collection, click here to access it.
  • My current work:
    • Use of Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding (MCDA) to perform sustainability assessments of products/process systems (in collaboration with the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Laboratory of Intelligent Decision Support Systems, Institute of Computing Science, Poland);
    • Creation of a network of sustainability and decision support analysts to advance the scientifically meaningful use of MCDA in sustainability research;
    • Development of life cycle sustainability assessment capabilities within the Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing research group at WMG.
  • For my CV click here, for LinkedIN profile click here and for Google Scholar click here.
  • I successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis on 13 July 2016.
  • I hold a Bachelor Degree in Environmental Sciences from Padua University and an International Master Degree in Sustainable Development from Cà Foscari Univeristy of Venice.
  • I have always been fascinated by the concept of Sustainable Development and by the means that could be used to achieve it. During my undergraduate studies I focussed on renewable energies, their potentials and the main reasons why they are not used on a large scale. During the master I concentrated on engineered nanomaterials, their applications and risk assessment in the context of the evaluation of their impacts on the environment, society and economy. Nanomaterials are nowadays mainly used as additives in products (usually called nanoproducts) and as a result I decided to pursue my interests by doing a PhD on the sustainability assessment of nanoproducts.
Ph.D. project:

Multiple Criteria Decison Aiding Moves Sustainable Nanotechnology Forward


International Digital Laboratory, WMG






M dot Cinelli[at]warwick dot ac dot uk

0044 - (0) 77 44 99 700 40

Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing Group
Internationational Manufacturing Centre
University of Warwick

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