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Research community

My research project is highly multi-disciplinary, which means that it spans across a variety of disciplines, more specifically nanotechnology, sustainability, decision making and decision support tools.

As a result I am currently member of three highly relevant organizations in these areas, which are:

In order to further my expertise in Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding/analysis (MCDA) methodology and techniques I spent two months during spring 2014 (May and June) at Poznan University of Technology. There I collaborated with top-level researchers in the area of MCDA (among them Jerzy Błaszczyński) in the Laboratory of Intelligent Decision Support Systems at the Institute of Computing Science, lead by Professor Roman Slowinski. It has been a very formative and engaging experience where I had the opportunity to:

  • Improve my knowledge about the framework of multiple criteria decision aiding/analysis;
  • Learn and apply an MCDA technique called Dominance-based Rough Set Approach (DRSA), an excellent tool to extract indirect preference information from data, including patterns and regularities underlying decision makers' decisions.

A crucial part of my research consisted in the development and application of a model based on DRSA for the classification of production processes for nanomaterials in preference-ordered classes (e.g. Low, Medium, High). I have achieved this objective through a 4-month (July-October, 2014) collaboration with the Sustainable Technology Division of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. More specifically, I worked with Dr Rajender Varma, one of the pioneers in the green chemistry of nanomaterials.