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My Research

Simulation of High Strain Rate Deformation in Structural Polymeric Foams

Sponsored by Jaguar Land Rover

Energy absorbing foams are a critical part of occupant and pedestrian protection systems and are vital to delivering the legal and consumer safety standards demanded by the automotive industry. My research aims to improve the virtual modelling capability for structural polymeric foam, and implement my findings into my sponsor company Jaguar Land Rover.

The material model used within the chosen simulation package needs to accurately model the mechanical performance of the material. In order to do this my project has been split into both characterisation of the polymeric foams and FEA correlation within LS-DYNA.

Currently I am investigating Expanded Polypropylene, a structural foam used within the headrest and surrounding trim. Using computed tomography, I have scanned the foam and reconstructed it in meshing software. The block has then been compressed within LS-DYNA and compared to the characteristics of the original material. Accurately modelling the foam will help when characterising new and innovative material in the future.

Simulation of Scanned Foam

Main Supervisor:

Prof. Richard Dashwood

Academic Director, CTO of WMG centre HVM Catapult and Professor of Engineering Materials

R dot Dashwood at warwick dot ac dot uk



Dr Richard Beaumont

Research Fellow, WMG

Beaumo_R at wmg dot warwick dot ac dot uk



Dr Mark Blagdon

Materials Characterisation Technical Specialist, JLR

MBlagdo3 at jaguarlandrover dot com