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Conferences that I've attended, presented at or helped to organise during the time I've been doing my EngD (papers of relevance to my EngD research project are shown in bold.)

SAE World Congress

2014, April 8-10, Cobo Center, Detroit, Michigan, USA

  • Chair of the Aerodynamics activity

  • Lead organiser & Conference Chair
  • Presented, "Evaluation of Non-Uniform Upstream Flow Effects on Vehicle Aerodynamics" (2014-01-0614)
  • Presented, "Insights into Rear Surface Contamination Using Simulation of Road Spray and Aerodynamics" (2014-01-0610)
  • Co-author, ""A Computational Investigation of Ground Simulation for a Saloon Car" (2014-01-0615)
  • Co-author, "CFD Simulation of External Distribution of Tail-Pipe Emissions Around a Stationary Vehicle Under Light Tail-Wind Conditions" (2014-01-0586)

2013, April 16-18, Cobo Center, Detroit, Michigan, USA

  • Transitioned to Conference Chair

  • Session organiser
  • Co-author, "Simulation of Rear and Body Side Vehicle Soiling by Road Sprays Using Transient Particle Tracking (2013-01-1256)

2012, April 24-26, Cobo Center, Detroit, Michigan, USA

  • Vice Chair for the Aerodynamics activity
  • Session organiser
  • Presented, ""Modelling A-Pillar Water Overflow: Developing CFD and Experimental Methods" (2012-01-0588)
  • Co-author, "Assessment of a Vehicle’s Transient Aerodynamic Response" (2012-01-0449)

FKFS Progress in Vehicle Aerodynamics and Thermal Management

2013, 9th FKFS Conference, 1 - 2 October, Stuttgart University, Germany

  • Presented: Gaylard, A. P., Oettle, N., Duncan, B., & Gargoloff, J. (2013). Effect of Non-Uniform Flow Conditions on Vehicle Aerodynamics. In: Wiedemann, J. ed. Progress in Vehicle Aerodynamics and Thermal Management, 9th FKFS Conference, Stuttgart, October 1-2 2013. Germany: expert verlag, pp. 63 - 78.


22nd ACME Conference on Computational Mechanics, 2-4 April, University of Exeter

  • Gave keynote lecture: "application of unsteady aerodynamic simulation in automotive engineering."

Adrian presenting at the 9th FKFS Conference on Progress in Vehicle Aerodynamics & Thermal Managemen