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My publications from 2013 onwards.

Vehicle surface contamination

  • Gaylard, A., Pitman, J., Jilesen, J., Gagliardi, A. et al., (2014) Insights into Rear Surface Contamination Using Simulation of Road Spray and Aerodynamics, SAE Int. J. Passeng. Cars - Mech. Syst. 7(2):673-681, doi:10.4271/2014-01-0610. [Link to paper](PDF Document)
  • Jilesen, J., Gaylard, A., Duncan, B., Konstantinov, A., et al. (2013). Simulation of Rear and Body Side Vehicle Soiling by Road Sprays Using Transient Particle Tracking. SAE Int. J. Passeng. Cars - Mech. Syst. 6(1), pp. 424-435, doi:10.4271/2013-01-1256. [Link to paper](PDF Document)

Unsteady aerodynamics simulation

  • Alajbegovic, A., Gaylard, A., Duncan , B., and Gargoloff, J. (2014) Vehicle aerodynamic effects of realistic transient wind conditions. In: 11th World Congress on Computational Mechanics, 20-25 July, Barcelona, Spain. [Abstract](PDF Document)
  • Gaylard, A., Oettle, N., Gargoloff, J., and Duncan, B., (2014) Evaluation of Non-Uniform Upstream Flow Effects on Vehicle Aerodynamics, SAE Int. J. Passeng. Cars - Mech. Syst. 7(2):692-702, doi:10.4271/2014-01-0614. [Link to paper](PDF Document)
  • Koitrand, S., Lofdahl, L., Rehnberg, S., and Gaylard, A., (2014) A Computational Investigation of Ground Simulation for a Saloon Car. SAE Int. J. Commer. Veh. 7(1):111-123, doi:10.4271/2014-01-0615. [Link to paper](PDF Document)
  • Gaylard, A. P., Oettle, N., Duncan, B., & Gargoloff, J. (2013). Effect of Non-Uniform Flow Conditions on Vehicle Aerodynamics. In: Wiedemann, J. ed. Progress in Vehicle Aerodynamics and Thermal Management, 9th FKFS-Conference, Stuttgart, October 1-2 2013. Germany: expert verlag, pp. 63 - 78.

Vehicle drag reduction

  • Robertson, I., Becot, A., Gaylard, A., and Thornber, B., (2014) Automotive Drag Reduction through Distributed Base Roughness Elements, Applied Mechanics and Materials, 553(3), 267-272. [Link to paper]

Other aerodynamics topics

  • Abo-Serie, E., Sherif, M., Pompei, D., and Gaylard, A., (2014) CFD Simulation of External Distribution of Tail-Pipe Emissions Around a Stationary Vehicle Under Light Tail-Wind Conditions, SAE Technical Paper 2014-01-0586, doi:10.4271/2014-01-0586. [Link to paper](PDF Document)