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In May 2015 I presented at the 'Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technical Conference' and July 2015 I presented at the "WMG Doctoral Research and Innovation Conference" about using ontologies to generate equipment for fuel cell assembly. I won first prize for my presentation (see link below).

WMG Doctoral Research and Innovation Conference Presentation

In June 2015 I presented to poster below about fuel cell manufacturing can be facilitated using Knowledge Represenatation which is a field of aritificial intelligence.

Fuel Cell Manufacturing: An AI Approach

Fuel Cell Manufacturing: An AI Approach

I presented some work about fuel cell compression at the "H2FC Supergen Conference" in 2014 and the "International Renewable Energy Congress" in Tunisia in March 2015. Please see the presentation below and a link to the paper.

Presentation: IREC 2015

Paper: Analysis of the compression characteristics of a PEM stack, development of an equivalent spring model and recommendations for compression process improvements

In February 2015 I presented a poster titled 'Developing a PEM Fuel Cell Master Assembly Sequence' at the Future Powertrains Conferece, Solihull.

Developing a PEM Fuel Cell Master Assembly Sequence

FPC 2015

In June 2014 I took part in the Warwick University Research Postgrdauate Poster Showcase and finished as a runner up.

Identifying assembly processes which accelerate PEM fuel cell degradation during their operation

Photo at research postgraduate poster showcase

In February 2014 I attended the Future Powertrains Conference at The National Motorcylce Mueseum, Solihull, UK. Please see attached a link to the poster.

High Volume Automotive Powerpack Manufacturing - FPC 2014 Poster

Poster at the conference