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Guide to Writing a Research Proposal for an Engineering PhD

An important part of your PhD application is the research proposal. We need to know what your research interests are so that we may direct your application to potential supervisors. The proposal does not need to be long, but the quality should be high and ideally no more than 2-3 pages in length. However as long as we get a clear idea of your research interests then we can consider your application.

Ideally your proposal should address the points below:

  • Ensure that your research interests match WMG's research areas.
  • Seek advice from a potential supervisor.
  • Consider - What is the problem you hope to address?
  • Outline the main objectives of your research, providing details of two or three key aspects.
  • Explain what the main outcomes of the project are that you would want to see
  • Outline what methods/approaches you intend to use to achieve the aims of your project.


  • Vague descriptions of your research interests.
  • Projects that seek only to compile information that is already available.