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Jaipal Gupta

Jaipal Gupta

PhD student

PhD title: Compatibilisation of 1D/2D graphitic nanomaterials and poly(propylene) via non-covalent functionalisation with poly(acrylate)s

What was your background and what made you decided to study for a PhD
at WMG?

I studied for a Masters in Chemistry at the University of Warwick from 2010-2014. For my final year chemistry research project, I chose to do a joint project with WMG and as a result, learned more about WMG and its facilities. My WMG supervisor encouraged me to do a PhD and towards the end of my project, once I had applied, I was shortly offered a PhD, which I accepted. I decided to do the PhD because, the research area (Nanocomposites) really excited me and I was interested in learning more about this, as well as developing my career in materials science.

Tell us a about your research project - what were you working on and in what area?

My research project involved developing novel 1D and 2D graphitic carbon filled, thermoplastic composite materials using a combination of tailored polymers to improve dispersion and overall, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties of the composite.

How did you find the experience of studying for your PhD? Was it what you expected? Any advice for future students?

I really enjoyed my PhD experience. The facilities offered by WMG and the University of Warwick were excellent, and I was able to carry out unrestricted research which was fantastic. I managed to complete my PhD on time and to a good standard, as well as publish a couple of good papers which really helped me secure a postdoc position within WMG to further develop my research career.

Where are you now? What are you plans?

I am currently working as a research fellow in WMG within the automotive composites group. The work involves developing carbon fibre composites for automotive applications. My plan is to continue working in this area and hopefully, develop a niche research area within WMG. I wish to build and develop my career in WMG for as long as possible.

Where did you find out about your research degree?

My PhD was recommended to me by a colleague of my final year chemistry research project. In fact, my chemistry research project supervisor was also a supervisor on my PhD project. My PhD was an excellent example of interdepartmental collaboration within the University.